About Me

the background


My nickname is gigi.  I am an artist and a scientist.  I began my career with a handful of pencils and a desire to create art for others.  Most of my works, in the ~ 20 years since my first gift of pastels, have been commissioned.

My passion for drawing resumed in medical school but I quickly learned that my renaissance fantasy of sketching gross anatomical and histological observations were lost to the necessity of the work.

However, art returned again to me, as the expression of emotions without voice: thankfulness for the nurses who trained me;  gratitude for my patients who trust me; hopelessness and resilience in face of suffering; and the pure joy of recovery and healing.  

the work


Each print I create is made with the highest quality papers and inks that  I can find.  All prints are signed by hand and dated.  They are crafted in small batches.  

Every print also has a story.  

Some of those prints tell stories of strength  ("the Iris"), some share a story of hope ("the orchid"), some share resilience ("the boat"), and some share dreams (the Italian garden). 

I am so happy to share each story with you.

the vision


Archival quality prints in various sizes  will become available in a series format.  Each series will be available for home or office use and printed on canvas or  paper.   You can purchase them individually or collectively.  Some original art is also available. 

Certain prints will also be sold to raise awareness for local organizations.  As I sell those prints, you will be informed about those organizations, their charitable work,  and the diseases that they are raising funds to cure. 

In 2018 a series of boxed stationery sets will become available. 

Through my own quest for zen and calm; love for helping people create their own; and passion for art and science, I am pleased to share my art with  you.


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